“SHOW TIME feat. AKLO” Spotify Canvas Dance video challenge

We are challenging you to make videos to be posted on “SHOW TIME feat. AKLO” Spotify Canvas (video that plays on the background during playback).

Please post your dance video of “SHOW TIME feat. AKLO” on SNS, and we will post the video to Spotify Canvas.
We look forward to your participation!

[Dance Video]
・ Shoot your dance video using “SHOW TIME feat. AKLO”

-Create an aspect ratio of vertical video (9: 16 / vertical 720px or more).

・ Please make the video under 7 seconds.

・ Please create the video format in mp4 as much as possible.

【Application method】

・ Twitter → Add “#ALI_Canvas” and post the video on Twitter.

・ Instagram → Mention the ALI official account ( and post it in the story with “#ALI_Canvas”.

・ Please mention Tik Tok → ALI official account (ali_official_japan) and post the video with “#ALI_Canvas”.

【Application period】

From Monday, July 11, 2022 to Sunday, July 31, 2022 23:59


・ Limited to videos taken by yourself.

・ If the posted video contains other people, please post it with the consent of all the people in the video.

・ The selected videos will be replaced with announcements by posting on Canvas.

・ The posted videos will not be used for anything other than this campaign.

・ Videos posted on Canvas might be changed without notice.

[About the Spotify Canvas function]

-“Canvas” is a short movie that loops behind the playback screen when playing music on Spotify.

・ Canvas can be played only from the mobile app. (Cannot be viewed from a PC)

・ You can enjoy the video when playing the sound source from mobile regardless of whether the usage plan is paid or free.

・ To display the video, you need to tap the play bar at the bottom as well as select and play the song.

-When “Data saving mode” is ON, the Canvas function is automatically turned off. If the video is not displayed when using the mobile app, please check the settings.